Hello my friends! Long time No Write….

wordpressI don’t even know if there is that many of you who still follow this blog because I haven’t written in so long.  I have been doing well just haven’t been into blogging for a long time.  I see I have 30 comments to go through!  LOL

But all is well and the “new” thing in my life is I’m trying to start an online business selling handbags and accessories.  I have all the necessary tax certifications so that I can buy from wholesale distributors.  It’s alot of work but I really love it.

I’m still waitressing, live in the same house but may be moving by end of year.  Just can’t afford this big house any more.

So I hope the Lord is blessing you and keeping you and remember He has a plan for our life, and His timing is not our timing.  I’m being patient with the website thing, as I’ve spent countless hours working on it and no sales yet.  It’s been a couple months now but I really think God is going to bless me with prosperity and good fortune in the new future.

So anyway, I’d like to introduce you to my website and you can use a coupon code at checkout for 5% off.

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God Bless you all my friends!


my new email is:    http://www.handbags_n_more@yahoo.com   or you can still    http://www.byhisgrace211@yahoo.com


There Is More To Life Than Drinking


Life can still develop out of something that appears dead

As the years went by and I continued to make alcohol a major part of my life, I had many, many years of inner turmoil and negative consequences.  Close to death on 3 occasions, many visits to the local jail, rehabs, detox centers, drunk tanks, counseling centers, probation…..ugh.  The list goes on.  It’s ridiculous.

The majority of crimes committed today have alcohol or drugs involved.  Whenever I was arrested, there was alcohol or drugs in my system.  I think the most horrifying time was when I woke up in a psych ward strapped down to a bed with 5 point restraints on my legs and arms.  I had no idea how I got there.  I remember being in a bar and remember taking a bunch of benzos.5 point  I remember meeting a guy and going back to his place to go swimming.  I remember he had a really nice house and swimming pool.  That’s all I remember.  This poor guy had no idea what he was in for when he met me that day!!  I probably scared him half to death and he called the paramedics.  I was later told I was punching and kicking the paramedics as they were trying to help me.  Horrible.

I woke up with all this black charcoal all over me.  The nurses told me they put charcoal down my throat because they weren’t sure what I had taken.  They said when I “behave” they will unstrap me.  I stayed calm for an hour or so and they removed the restraints and allowed me to get up and walk around.  I went to the nurses station and asked them, “Where am I?”  They said “You are in the psychiatric unit of the hospital.”  I remember when they said this I was very confused.  “What?  Are you kidding me?”  She had a look of disgust on her face.  From there I was put under a “Marchman Act”, which is similar to a Baker Act but it is put in place by police and medical professionals.   I am in custody, not allowed to leave but I am not arrested or going to jail.  I’m going to the looney bin.


One flew over the coo coo’s nest

They sent me to a Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU).  This is a place where people who are suicidal, as well as people with severe mental disorders are sent.  Some volunteer to be there, some don’t.  The doctors and nurses at the CSU know me.  When they saw me, they said “Hi, Michele I see your back again.  What happened this time?”  I was humiliated and embarrassed.  I had been sober for 4 weeks before this terrifying incident took place.  The night before this happened I had attended a NA meeting, met with a recovering addict, and felt good in my sobriety.  Relapses can hit you like a punch in the face.  Out of nowhere.   After the CSU stay I volunteered to go to live at a halfway house.  I stayed sober for 3 months and relapsed after losing my job.  That relapse also sent me to the hospital (almost died again) and I was sent back to CSU….but I will save that story for another time.  Perhaps I will later write a post titled, “My trips to the looney bin”.  Smile

You may be thinking, when is this girl going to learn?  Well, that’s what all my family and friends were saying.  I was a hard case.  A really hard case.  The other “hard cases” I have met in rehabs and jails, are dead now.  Seriously.  I have met many girls just like me and much younger who have died from this disease.  I remember seeing a girl at the entrance of a rehab who was desperate to quit using.  We both were on our way in to get help.  We  sat outside and she cried for an hour.  I gave her comfort and encouragement as best I could.  We both got sober and went to outpatient treatment.  Within 2 weeks, I heard she died from overdose.  I couldn’t believe it.

I share this story with you because I hope to show those who are unsure about where their drinking can lead that it does get worse.  This is a disease that kills people!!

God had a purpose for my life.  He didn’t want me to leave the earth that day.  I have given God way too many chances to take my life and yet He keeps me here.  I want to see what He has in store for me.  It’s obviously not a life or drinking and using drugs.  I don’t know what the purpose is yet but I have to remain sober to find out! 

My life now can be actually pretty boring and normal.  I love it!!!!   I love boring.  I love remembering the previous day.  I love that people don’t have a “look of disgust” when they look at me.   I love that I can get up every day and go to a job.  I love that I don’t feel like crap every day!    I love that I can pay bills and not spend all my money on substances that will kill me.  What a difference!!  God has made this possible.  Not me.  He gets all the credit.

Today I will keep things simple, trust God and not pick up.  It’s that simple.